Who am I?
My name is Luís Nabais. I was born in Lisboa, Portugal, in 1981. I work as Linux System Administrator & Developer, mainly in systems automation and web interface development (my favorite part, I love working with Django, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, Shell Script, among others).
I enjoy OpenSource in general, I mainly use Linux and Android systems, but have no issues in working with other systems, not even proprietary ones.

So yes, I am a nerd. But I’m also a Life, Fitness & Health aficionado. I enjoy the small wonders of life. The warm sun on the skin, the beautiful giant sea, the smells in nature, feeling great, accomplishing things, improving myself, among so many other things I am passionate about.

I really don’t like procrastination and conformity.


What is this blog about?
In this blog, I’ll be talking about two totally different areas: Life & OpenSource.

Regarding life, I’ll talk about choices, motivation for being the best and strongest versions of ourselves. I’ll speak about fitness, meditation, health, feeling great, accomplishing those small victories which make us happy.

Regarding Open Source… first of all, what is Open Source? Open Source is about computers, is about things which are built and, instead of just gaining profit with it, are released public and whoever has abilities to improve or reuse, can do it. A little bit like life should be, right? That’s why I love Linux and Android. Even that I won’t change anything, just knowing that someone can and does it for the interests of communities, just makes me happy.


More about me…
In life, fortunately I’m very happy. Nevertheless we always want something. I want to lose the habit to eat so much chocolate (my worst habit). I want to do handstands. I want to travel (Mexico!).
In work, I want to make Android apps, start my own business, maybe work on all these things together…

I have a dream both related to life and work. I would like to have a business to help people in fitness, health, meditation and life in general, in which I could use my IT knowledge to create web and mobile apps to help people. I’m very positive and I like to see people improve, smile, just being happy. It is so easy to be happy and people still don’t know how to.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any doubt about anything I say, or just to say hello, thanks, agree or even dislike and disagree. I enjoy critics as much as complements. That’s how we grow up and learn, from our errors, from our experience.

I hope you enjoy my experiences, comments and opinions.


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